Natural Remedies for Removing Toxins from Your Body

Yeah – it’s spring time right now as we write this – and pollen is in the air! Spring time is a great time for Cleaning Your Space and your Body and herbs are one of the best ways to fast-track this is detoxing and cleansing.

Herbal remedies are also becoming more acceptable and popular, this includes using herbs for detoxification. We love using herbs because they are more natural with less harmful ingredients and minimal side effects. The following information explains some Western Herbs commonly used for detoxification and why they will work for you.

Dandelion Root helps eliminate Toxins.


Dandelion Herb is Super for the whole body, specifically the Immune System. Dandelion works to eliminate toxins from the cells in the body. It also increases bile and helps things move along. This Herb is know for many benefits such as boosting white blood cells thus strengthening the immune system. May also help with digestion, reduce cancer risk, aid with weight loss, reduce inflammation, regulate blood sugar, reduce cholesterol and more.

Liquorice Root

This herb/root has properties that work like an antioxidant by fighting viruses and helps the body produce antibodies. Licorice root may reduce GERD and acid reflux. Also, may help with mouth sores, cavities, aid diabetes, reduce menopause systems ….. and more.

Cascara Sagrada

This Herb translates from Spanish as “sacred bark” used by priests..supporting digestive health and as a herbal laxative. This will clean out your long system, usually with 6 hours of consuming…. expelling parasites (hopefully).

Black Walnut Hulls

This is another herb that helps eliminate products from your bowels by removing parasites and toxins. Only take this about 2 weeks at a time. Helps remove fatty materials and toxins.


Doesn’t everyone have garlic in their kitchen? That is why they call Garlic is the classic kitchen-pharmacy remedy and has been used for centuries as an antiseptic. Garlic detoxifies the gut and helps make the bowels with elimination…similar to a laxative. Also, they say Garlic will make you live longer.


Another great herb used for its cleansing power.. Goldenseal can rid the body of toxins and help remove obstructions. Goldenseal is known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Goldenseal is also know to help with sinus infections, upper respiratory tract infections, heavy painful periods, indigestion and more. Some even say that taking Goldenseal will rid toxins and help you pass a drug test.

Some More Chinese Herbs That are Used for Detoxification

Pu Gong Ying

Pu Gong Ying is a dandelion plant…the parts of the plant above the root is used as a remedy.

Ju Hua

Ju Hua is also known as Chrysanthemum. This pungent herb must not be overcooked or it will lose its potency. This herb is said to promote longevity, protect the lungs, promotes vision, and clears heat from the liver and lungs.

Lian Qiao

Lian is from the Forsythia Flower has similar benefits as Ju Hua. This herb has cleansing powers and helps clear heat and toxins. Plus benefits the throat.

The main reason you want to detox is to rid your body of all the stuff floating around you and the best way is through your bowels. Using herbs is gentle on your system rather than other methods plus you will receive nutrients that are beneficial to you.

For more thorough best to consult a Herbalist or Naturopath.